Where to Walk around Saigon at Night

Saigon has been known as a big city, the largest trading and economic center of the country, which gathered the most high-standard, and famous architecture works, restaurants, hotels, amusement areas. However, where should we go at night in Saigon? Let’s discover 4 interesting places for a walk in Saigon at night.

Nguyen Hue walking street

This is the most famous street in Saigon where so many tourist love to see and search for. Besides, this street is also located by the most luxurious hotels, restaurants, the biggest commercial centers where tourists can do shopping, sight-seeing and eating. Nguyen Hue Flower Street is most beautiful at night time, when the youths open many interesting and attracting games. One more special thing that the artistic fireworks are often performed here on Lunar New Year, or in important national festival days. Watching fireworks is certainly the most impressive memory for you and your lovers.

Bui Vien backpacker street

This is a famous street specialized for the foreigners in the center of Dist. 1 in Saigon. This street also has the most deluxe hotels and restaurants that luring many guests. Especially, in the evening and at night, lots of foreign tourists come here to relax, chat, visit, and eat delicious western’s style foods here. Besides, it is also listed in manual guide for tourists when they come to the poetic and beautiful city.

Bui Vien Street

Saigon Riverside area

This is quite popular destination at night in Saigon, because it absorbs many domestic and foreign visitors to inhale fresh air from the river bank. The area is located on Ton Duc Thang Street – a large street in the city’s center, linked to Nguyen Hue Flower Street so that tourists can walk around the flower street, then come here for viewing the beautiful scene of Saigon River at night. Besides, this area also has many high-ranking restaurants and hotels for tourists.

Cruise along Saigon River

After visit the riverside area, you can choose to go on a cruise at Bach Dang harbor to continue your night journey. Log on a romantic cruise, watch the fantastic beauty of Saigon River and enjoy delicious specialties of Saigon. One good experience for first-time tourist is to sit on the highest floor of the cruise to not miss the overview of Saigon River as well as the fine night sky above you, listen to harmonious, romantic music and songs. That is so fascinated.

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